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Landlord Safety Certificates

All landlords are by law required to have all gas appliances in their properties checked every 12 months, and hold a gas safety certificate (CP12)

There isn’t any actual reference in UK law, or made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), that specifically pertains to Gas Safety Certificate’s for landlords. The regulations do state that a record needs to be kept of an annual gas safety check. However, as a landlord, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the safety of your tenants in property which you own and as such are responsible for gas safety certificates in Newcastle for your rented properties.

Gas Safety

North East Gas can provide you with a fully qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer to execute annual checks and subsequent repairs.

Landlords are responsible for the maintenance and repair of flues, appliances and pipework which they own and have provided for use by renters. All servicing MUST be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that an annual gas safety check is carried out within 12 months of the installation of a new appliance or flue, which you provide and annually thereafter by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

A copy of the safety check has to be kept for two years, and a copy issued to the current tenant within 28 days of the check being finished and a copy issued to any new tenants before they move in.

No Hidden Costs

When North East Gas gas engineers quote a price, that’s the cost to you. Any extra costs which could occur will be discussed with the customer before the work is completed. On the odd occasion some jobs don’t run as smoothly as others caused by unforeseen building works. These jobs can require more time and materials than first projected. We know this isn’t the customers fault and keeps this in mind when it comes to supplemental charges. Again this is discussed with the customer before work continues.

What if I use a letting/management agency?

Many landlords leave the management of their properties up to letting establishments, who manage the property and take care of things like collecting the rent from the tenants and addressing any problems that arise with the property, on behalf of the landlord. Therefore it’s vital that you, as the landlord, ensure that any contract drafted between yourself and the letting agency, plainly specifies who is responsible for performing the maintenance and safety check duties inclduing gas safety checks in Newcastle, and keeping associated records data.

If the agreement specifies that the letting agent has duty, then the same duties under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 that apply to the landlord, apply to the letting agent.

In this case a real estate agent will need to arrange maintenance by a Gas Safe registered engineer, for all pipework, appliances and flues, which the landlord owns and provides for the tenants use. Again, a copy of the safety check needs to be kept for two years, and a copy issued to the existing tenant within 28 days of the check being completed and issue a copy to any new tenants before they move in.
A North East Gas engineer WILL always carry ID stating that they’re Gas Safe registered and which appliances they are certified to work on. For more assurance, the full register of Gas Safe engineers can be acquired via the Gas Safe Register website. Annual Landlord Gas Safety checks in Newcastle undertaken by North East Gas.

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